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What is Syndika?

Syndika is a leading Web3 and AI Members syndicate. Syndika is a center for Web3 technology, AI, deep economics, and venture building. Syndika’s vision is to become a home for its members’ activities in the Web3 and AI ecosystem.

What is Syndika's Ecosystem?

Syndika’s structure includes Executive Members, Members, Team Members, Advisors, and Partners.


Executive Members manage and hold shares of the syndicate. Members are the backbone of the syndicate. They are active professionals in the Web3 field and can hold the syndicate shares. Team Members are Syndicate employees. Advisors assist the clients and startups of Syndika, and our Partners are cooperating companies.

How to Become a Syndika Member?

The process starts when the candidate fills out the membership application form on Syndika website. The Executive Members approve the candidate and the final decision is made through a resolution of the Members. Acceptance is based on the candidate’s ability to contribute to the syndicate.

How is the Membership Formalized and Legally Established?

Every Member signs Syndika’s Member Agreement, and Syndika’s Terms and Conditions (T&C). The agreement handles the rights of the Member as a shareholder, and the T&C handles the rights of the Member as part of the syndicate.

Can a Membership be Terminated or Reduced?

Yes, a Member’s membership may be terminated or reduced according to the syndicate T&C. Termination or reduction can occur due to underperformance or issues relating to Member behavior or legal situation, and it is done only in rare cases and after a Members voting.

What are the Member Rights?

Members are entitled to many rights. Members have the right to hold Syndika’s shares and receive dividends, enjoy a wide range of commercial rights, and get rewarded for their activities for the syndicate.
A comprehensive description of the Members rights, and benefits

What are the Members' Obligations?

There are no legal obligations, however, a Member that doesn’t contribute to the syndicate will not be entitled to any rewards, and in rare cases its membership can be terminated or reduced.

Can a Member Terminate its Membership?

Members can terminate their membership anytime. In such cases, the syndicate may decide to buy the Member’s shares, in a process detailed in the T&C.

Can the Syndicate T&C Be Amended?

Yes, the T&C can be changed by a resolution of the Executive Members or by a resolution of Members. Any new version is binding to all current Members.

Feel free to reach out to me if you have any inquiries regarding Syndika.

Tzahi Kanza

Syndicate Head

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