Members Rights

Syndika is a leading Web3 and AI Members syndicate. Syndika is a center for Web3 technology, AI, deep economics, and venture building. Syndika’s vision is to become a home for its members’ activities in the Web3 and AI ecosystem.


Syndika Members are entitled to many rights:

Introduction Fees

Supporting Syndika Marketing and PR

Members that support Syndika by invitations to events, content/social activity, email lists marketing, PR/media, advertisement, and more.

Compensation: You are eligible to receive the above mentioned introduction fees, for every new client or Member derived from this activity.

Work for the Syndicate

If a Member and the syndicate wish to work together, a service agreement will be signed between the parties.
Compensation: On a case by case basis, paid in cash or Syndika shares or a combination.

Work with Syndika’s Clients/Startups

Members have the ability to work with Syndika clients and venture studio startups. In such cases, a service agreement will be negotiated and signed directly between the Member and the client/startup. No referral fee to be paid to Syndika.

Shareholder Rights

Members that hold Syndika shares are entitled to:

Consulting Meetings with Syndika’s Executive Members

As a Member, you are entitled to a monthly consulting meeting with one of Syndika’s Executive Members – On Yavin, Alex Cucer, or Tzahi Kanza, capped at 10 hrs/month for each Executive Member. The target of these meetings is to assist our Members in their activities, by receiving tech and business consulting and support.

Participate in a Member Committee

Each Member committee is focussed on different topics related to Syndika. For example, the “New Members” committee is focussed on strategy and practice to attract new Members, and is also in charge of approving new Members. Each committee meets virtually once a month, and discusses on a regular basis in a social media group.

Compensation: Euro 100/hr. Capped at 5 hrs/month, paid in Syndika shares (based on the valuation in the time of acting as committee member).

Member Projects

Members receive premium service and a 10% price reduction on all Syndika services, including those for their projects, portfolio companies, or any other activities.

In special cases, Syndika may offer a more substantial price reduction for tokens or equity, based on the potential of the project. However, the price reduction will never exceed cost plus 10%.

Members can also hire a dedicated team managed by Syndika, at a price calculated as cost plus 10%. A dedicated team is composed of at least one full-time employee and is supported by Syndika’s team for all its needs, such as project management, Web3 architecture, DevOps, economics, and more.


You can vote for accepting a new Member, terminating or reducing the membership of a Member, executing internal activities, and more.


You are entitled to receive quarterly and annual reports of the syndicate activity and results.


You have a right to participate in Syndika’s monthly Web3 education session, based on topics chosen by the Members.

Feel free to reach out to me if you have any inquiries regarding Syndika.

Tzahi Kanza

Syndicate Head

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