Syndika Unlocks DeFi for BTC Holders

Experience the Future of Decentralised Finance with Syndika’s Revolutionary BTC to WBTC Solution.

Syndika and Kima

Syndika is a top-notch Web3 syndicate, with full scale capabilities to support startups, corporates, and initiatives. Syndika is focusing on Web3 architecture and R&D, economics – theory and practice, and startup venture building.

Kima is a decentralised, blockchain-based money transfer protocol. It settles interchain transactions, enabling apps to build on what they’re comfortable with, and leave financial friction in the past.

In Syndika, we have used Kima’s unique infrastructure to build our dApp to swap BTC to WBTC and enable the direct integration and usage of BTC holders with the Ethereum DeFi ecosystem.

Our BTC to WBTC Application

Developed using Kima’s state-of-the-art technology, our app offers a seamless, secure, and efficient solution for BTC holders to unlock access to DeFi products, bridging the gap in a market where such payment rails are scarce.

Key Features:

  1. Seamless BTC to WBTC Conversion: Effortlessly convert your BTC to WBTC within our user-friendly app, granting you immediate access to the rapidly growing DeFi ecosystem.
  2. Innovative Payment Rail: Powered by Kima’s advanced technology, our app offers a reliable and efficient solution for cross-chain asset transfers, addressing the scarcity of BTC to WBTC payment rails in the market.
  3. Security and Trust: Our app prioritizes user security, leveraging Kima’s inherently high-security protocols to ensure the safe and secure transfer of your digital assets.
  4. Early Access to Devnet: Get a head start on experiencing the future of DeFi with our app, which will soon be live on Kima’s Devnet, giving you a sneak peek at its full functionality before it reaches Mainnet.

Try Our Bitcoin Application

Using Syndika’s Bitcoin application will enable you not only to unlock access to DeFi products for your BTC holdings, but also to embrace a pioneering technology that promises to redefine the future of decentralised finance.

Syndika’s Bitcoin application is on testnet, and can be viewed in our video:


Join us in revolutionising the DeFi landscape and experience the seamless conversion of BTC to WBTC with Syndika’s Bitcoin App.


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