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Syndika’s Web3 Cybersecurity and Compliance Center provides a complete range of services, supported by an extensive selection of products, covering risk mitigation in the Web3 space.


We are leading the way in decentralization and blockchain innovation to help our clients achieve their business objectives through a carefully selected portfolio of services and products that are essential for ongoing operations and growth.

Shiran Kleiderman

The center is led by Shiran Kleiderman, a seasoned professional and expert in Web3 and cybersecurity. Shiran was the CISO and Head of IT of Celsius Network, CTO Dark Web Intelligence and Founding Member of BlueVoyant, Director of Cyber Intelligence Practice at K2 Intelligence, developed the first MPC/Multisig Bitcoin wallet in 2014, and an Officer at the IDF’s Cryptography Unit. Co-founder and CEO of Xplorisk.

Our Services:
Web3 Domains of Expertise


Assessment and Advisory

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Managed Compliance And Defense

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Tech Tools

The Center utilizes different tools and products for different projects, and we mostly use the Xplorisk engine, an Automated and Continuous Web3 Risk Mitigation platform, to continuously screen, monitor, assess, alert, and prevent incidents.

Automated and continuous risk assessment and scoring

  • Web3 & Web 2.0 Vulnerability Scanning and Assessment
  • dApp Security Assessment
  • Smart Contract Assessment
  • Transaction Review
  • Supply-chain/Dependencies Mapping and Assessment

Ongoing monitoring, alerting, and prevention

  • On -Chain Monitoring
  • Smart Contract Monitoring
  • Off-Chain Monitoring
  • Infra Monitoring
  • Ongoing Anomaly Detection and Response

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