Tpoint, The World’s First Smart Outdoor Squash Court


Delve into how Tpoint is revolutionizing the way squash is played outdoors as well as how Syndika assisted the team in developing the Tpoint app

Today, squash’s appeal to outdoor sports enthusiasts is constrained due to a series of interconnected challenges, such as spatial limitations, weather constraints, and maintenance issues. These challenges stem from one central issue: the sport’s l indoor-exclusive nature.

Tpoint is the world’s one-of-its-kind outdoor squash court that is supported and managed by Tpoint’s mobile app.


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Squash, though an exciting sport, has not achieved widespread popularity on a global scale. Its inherent indoor nature keeps it hidden within specialized facilities, limiting its appeal to a broader audience.

Even with over 20 million players spanning 185 countries, it lacks the universal presence that many outdoor sports enjoy. The absence of suitable outdoor facilities constrains enthusiasts from practicing throughout the year. 

Additionally, the upkeep of indoor courts, including elements like walls, lighting, and ventilation, necessitates frequent maintenance to ensure the best playing conditions.

Taking Squash to The Public: Tpoint, The World’s First Smart Outdoor Squash Court

Tpoint is a pioneering outdoor smart squash court facility that is moving squash from hotel and university confines and sports complexes to open-air urban spaces. 

At Tpoint, the team’s vision is to make it easier for more people to access cutting-edge squash courts that are a delight to use, to encourage take-up of the game and increase a healthy lifestyle.

At the heart of Tpoint’s offering are its four advanced multifunctional ASB GlassCourts. These cutting-edge courts are conveniently operated through the user-friendly Tpoint app, a digital solution that allows you to reserve squash courts, find opponents, and get complete control over your squash experience in an outdoor setting all year round.

Before using one of Tpoint’s squash courts, users utilize the Tpoint app to find and reserve an available squash court, invite opponents, and digitally unlock the court.

During play, the app can be used to manage aspects of the game, from adjusting the lights, temperature, and music, to tracking and sharing game results.

Via Tpoint’s user-friendly and intuitive app, players can:

  • Securely lock and unlock the squash court facilities via a user-friendly digital interface and authorized access.
  • Send a preferred opponent an invitation to join a game.
  • Use the app’s messaging capabilities to communicate with friends during and after the game.
  • Access secure online payment gateway for convenient booking and paying for the court use online.
  • Adjust the temperature and lights as well as manage the music while playing squash.
  • Analyze and share data on the gameplay, including insights on their scores, performance, and more.
  • Manage their squash court subscriptions, view the usage history, or modify their packages as needed.
  • Record the game, which can be saved for personal review or shared with others
  • Access detailed statistics on their court occupancy, frequency of visits, and other relevant metrics to ensure efficient court management and boost their squash skills.
  • Explore insights on their revenues to manage them more effectively
  • And more

Opportunities with Tpoint

By relocating squash from hidden corners to accessible outdoor areas around the city, an increase in participants is expected each year. As more individuals will discover this dynamic sport, it’s poised to gain more popularity in the world. The system ensures optimal playing conditions outdoors, regardless of the time of day or year.

Tpoint offers playing equipment that requires no maintenance, enabling investment priorities to center on player-centric hardware.

With Tpoint’s intelligent app, users can customize their squash experience to enhance enjoyment – adjusting lighting, air conditioning, music, and more.

The Tpoint solution acts as a social hub gathering those who value an active and healthy lifestyle.

The Syndika-Tpoint Synergy

From the outset, we collaborated closely with Tpoint, allocating Syndika’s expert team to provide comprehensive research and development (R&D) services. This included everything from architecture design and web implementation to mobile development, project design, quality assurance, and beyond. Our team of developers played a pivotal role in constructing the Tpoint app, managing both backend and frontend development (web and mobile) from the ground up. Additionally, we effectively executed various integrations vital for the smooth operation of the Tpoint app and courts. Syndika’s engineers were particularly instrumental in orchestrating the app’s API integration, air conditioning controls, lighting adjustments, payment processing, and video recording capabilities.

Syndika’s dedicated team of designers and QA specialists worked hand-in-hand to elevate the Tpoint app’s user experience. They not only crafted a user-friendly and intuitive interface adaptable to various devices but also ensured that the app was functional and free of bugs.


Joining forces between Syndika and Tpoint has resulted in the development of the world’s first outdoor squash solution that combines a physical court with a smart management app. 

This breakthrough takes squash beyond the traditional settings of hotels, universities, and sports complexes, introducing it to open-air urban environments and elevating this sport to a whole new level of recognition and adoption.

“We believe that by bringing squash from ‘hidden’ areas to visible outdoor places around the city, the number of participants will increase each year by exposing squash as a healthy, competitive, fun and social sport activity,” shared Tpoint’s Founder and CEO, Yossi Fixman.

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