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Kima, The Pioneering Cross-Chain Money Transfer Protocol


Discover how Syndika’s team contributed to the development of Kima, a groundbreaking Web3 cross-chain money transfer protocol addressing Web3’s interoperability challenges.

The Complexities of Web3’s Interoperability


The current Web3 landscape is plagued by fragmentation and interoperability issues. As new protocols, dApps, and chains emerge daily, built on distinct infrastructures, seamless communication between them remains a challenge.

Introducing Kima: A Comprehensive Solution to Web3 Compatibility


Kima is the first-ever chain-agnostic money transfer protocol, enabling seamless liquidity movement across diverse chains, including those not native to one another, and even traditional bank accounts. 




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Interoperability is a pressing concern within the current Web3 landscape, making it challenging to establish smooth communication among the various emerging solutions.

This results in several hurdles that make entering Web3’s world a complex undertaking:

  • Friction. The lack of direct asset transfer capabilities between different apps, protocols, and blockchain networks necessitates the use of external solutions like crypto bridges, creating extensive friction and requiring specific tech expertise.
  • Security vulnerabilities. Many existing web3 solutions rely on smart contracts, asset wrapping, or centralized external entities, introducing inherent security flaws and susceptibility to hacking.
  • Expensive compliance. The evolving regulatory landscape for blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and dApps demands considerable resources to ensure compliance with ever-changing rules and regulations.
  • Complicated experience. Onboarding new users involves a steep learning curve, as they must quickly grasp technically intensive terms and methodologies to perform basic operations, such as transferring funds.


While existing cross-chain solutions address some of these challenges, Kima offers a groundbreaking approach that directly tackles Web3’s interoperability issue.

Kima is a pioneering money transfer protocol designed to work across a wide range of blockchain networks, irrespective of their native compatibility. This cutting-edge solution goes beyond bridging the gap between different chains, as it also enables seamless liquidity movement between blockchain networks and traditional banking systems.

Kima’s innovative design inherently ensures maximum security without relying on smart contracts, oracles, or external relayers, thus eliminating associated vulnerabilities.

By avoiding token wrapping and effectively managing liquidity pools on supported chains through Kima’s logic, users retain full control over their funds.

Kima’s opt-in compliance allows dApps to seamlessly integrate with existing and emerging monetary systems without regulatory concerns.

Finally, Kima delivers a seamless and intuitive transaction experience, with each step clearly visualized and fully reversible.


The Syndika-Kima Collaboration

From the outset, we have been thrilled to join Kima in building and executing the startup. Our executive leadership, marketing specialists, project managers, designers, and Data Science professionals all continuously contribute to Kima’s growth.

Syndika’s top management and marketing experts devise and execute Kima’s business and marketing strategies, while our AI/ML specialists implement economic models and assess the robustness of financial systems through mathematical liquidity and incentive models.

Syndika’s project managers oversee every stage of implementation, and our designers enrich the brand by crafting a visually unique yet user-friendly interface.

Our team of content writers brings Kima’s PR strategy to life by producing high-quality and relevant content.



Syndika’s collaboration with Kima has created a powerful synergy, leveraging our collective expertise to revolutionize the Web3 landscape. Our combined efforts have resulted in an innovative solution that tackles Web3’s primary concern – interoperability, along with its associated challenges such as friction, insufficient security, costly compliance, and complex user experience.

As Kima continues to pave the way for seamless cross-chain transactions, Syndika remains dedicated to providing support, ensuring that the Web3 ecosystem becomes more accessible, secure, and efficient for all.

We are honored to be a part of Kima’s extraordinary mission and are grateful for the trust placed in us. Together, we are poised to make the Web3  landscape more interoperable and accessible for users everywhere.

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