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IX Swap, The World’s First Security Token DEX and Automated Market Maker


Discover how Syndika assisted IX Swap in developing its solution and how the IX Swap’s platform is revolutionizing the private market landscape through security tokens and tokenization.

While security tokens and NFTs are promising in transforming investments, their adoption is slowed down by challenges including limited liquidity, extended investment timelines, NFTs’ significant pricing, scarcity of regulated platforms for crypto trading, and lack of transparency of private markets.

IX Swap is the world’s first security token DEX and AMM that brings diverse range of private market investment opportunities via security tokens and tokenization, offering affordable, fast, open, inclusive, and accessible financial services to everyone. 


This image shows IX Swap, The World’s First Security Token DEX and Automated Market Maker
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In the world of DeFi, security tokens and NFTs have garnered substantial attention for their potential to reshape traditional investment opportunities. However,  their journey towards widespread adoption is accompanied by several noteworthy obstacles, including: 

  • Lack of Liquidity
    The lack of widespread access to private market investment opportunities is currently causing pricing inefficiencies and low trading volume for security tokens and NFTs, which in turn is resulting in a lack of liquidity within the STO and NFT markets.
  • Long Investment Horizons with Minimal Utility
    Frequently, global investors opt to hold onto their STOs and NFTs for an extended duration. This approach often leads to assets that experience minimal active trading and consequently do not provide any substantial value to the investors’ portfolios.
  • Significant Capital Outplay
    Acquiring highly-priced NFTs demands a significant financial commitment from investors.
  • Lack of Regulated Platforms
    Due to the limited liquidity of alternative assets, such as digital assets, there are presently only a few regulated platforms available where users can securely engage in the trading of crypto assets.
  • Lack of Transparency
    In contrast to public markets, private markets do not provide comprehensive financial reporting.


The IX Swap Solution: Unlocking the Doors to a World of New Investment Opportunities

IX Swap democratizes access to private market investments and addresses the illiquidity challenges facing the tokenization industry by delivering its top-notch solutions – Security Token Exchange, IXS Launchpad Tokenization-as-a-Service, and soon,  Fractionalized-NFTs platform:

  • Security Token Exchange with AMM capabilities
    IX Swap provides a completely liquid decentralized exchange, enabling the listing and trading of security tokens and cryptocurrencies in a permissionless and automated manner through the utilization of liquidity pools.
  • Mining and Staking Programs
    You can generate additional value through token mining (contributing liquidity to IX Swap’s pools) and staking  locking up tokens as collateral to uphold the platform’s operations).
  • Liquidity Solution for Security Tokens (SaaS)
    IX Swap extends its liquidity opportunities to other security token offerings by providing its SaaS solution.
  • IX Swap Launchpad
    IX Swap’s crowdfunding platform enables cryptocurrency startups to raise capital through security tokens and fractionalized NFTs.
  • Fractionalized-NFTs Platform (coming soon)
    IX Swap is soon launching its decentralized platform that facilitates the individual buying/selling of NFTs through fractionalization.

Syndika-IX Swap Synergy

We became part of IX SWAP during its earliest stages, with Syndika’s Head Of Technology, Alex Cucer, stepping into the role of Chief Technology Officer.

Our technical team played a vital role in constructing the architecture of IX Swap, actively participating in the formulation of product features. Additionally, we contributed to the platform’s development by facilitating its integration with third-party entities, including Subgraph Integration, Broker Dealer Integration, Fireblocks Integration, Cynopsis KYC Integration, and Intel SGX. These integrations were pivotal in establishing IX Swap’s KYC system and exchange functionality.

Moreover, our developers and Data Science experts were instrumental in shaping IX Swap’s technologies, crafting its tokenomics, launching the platform’s staking and vesting mechanisms, implementing its launchpad, and overseeing the creation of documentation. They also assisted with smart contract audits and ensuring the successful realization of its Token Generation Event (TGE).

Syndika’s core team actively engaged in the project’s decision-making process, contributing to the formulation of an effective business strategy and providing assistance in fundraising efforts.

Our project and product managers were assigned  to oversee all stages of the project’s development. Moreover, Syndika’s designers handled the project’s branding and design, while our QA engineers ensured the platform stayed robust and user-friendly for the end users.


The close collaboration between Syndika and IX Swap has culminated in the development of a trailblazing DeFi platform – the first security token DEX and Automated Market Maker (AMM). This achievement paves the way for a wider spectrum of investment opportunities, enabling everyone to engage in the realm of security tokens and tokenization.

The launch and development of IX Swap‘s platform not only showcases the dedication of both teams but also extends a transformative invitation to individuals seeking inclusive and diversified investment avenues.

As the landscape of financial technology continues to evolve, this partnership sets a remarkable precedent for harnessing cutting-edge solutions to democratize access to the world of finance.

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