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Alty, The World’s First Web3 Community Chatbot and Cross-Chain Crypto Wallet for Messaging Apps


Explore how Syndika helped Alty build its solution from scratch and what value Alty’s Web3 platform brings to the Web3 community management.

Problem: Crypto Community Management

As the blockchain industry expands, the number of Web3 communities and users interacting with digital assets continues to soar. To cater to this growing user base, businesses are seeking proven, efficient tools for connecting with and monetizing their followers.

Users desire simple, secure, and streamlined methods to communicate and manage their crypto assets. Community managers need robust tools to enhance and oversee community engagement while providing valuable resources to their members.

Alty: Powering The World’s Best Crypto Communities

Alty is the world’s first all-in-one Web3 platform enabling cross-channel functionality for WhatsApp, Telegram, and Discord.


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With the rapid growth of Web3 communities, businesses, community managers, and users within the crypto sphere face a multitude of challenges. These include managing a growing user base, addressing users’ knowledge gaps in crypto, navigating complex UI/UX, ensuring security, and more.


Key Challenges in Crypto Community Management 

Rapid Growth
As Web3 communities experience exponential growth, community managers face the daunting task of managing a large user base while catering to their diverse needs and expectations.

Users’ Knowledge Gaps
The complexity of Web3 and cryptocurrency realms can hinder user adoption of crypto products. Many users lack the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively navigate and manage crypto applications.

Web3 People Lifestyle
The way crypto people communicate is equally important. Users need immediate access to utilities while on the move, necessitating seamless engagement with Web3 applications.

Complicated User Onboarding
Acquiring, activating, and retaining app users can be resource-intensive, demanding considerable time and financial investments.

Community Engagement
Sustaining high engagement levels within crypto communities is vital to their success. Community managers are responsible for delivering valuable content, stimulating discussions, and fostering a sense of belonging among members.

Security is a paramount concern in the Web3 sphere. It is incumbent upon community builders to ensure that their platforms are secure and that users’ private information and funds remain protected.


Alty: Powering The World’s Best Crypto Communities

By combining a crypto-focused chatbot, a community management web portal, and a cross-chain crypto wallet, Alty empowers crypto communities to seamlessly scale their groups through effortless onboarding and management, exclusive crypto/DeFi offerings, cross-chain money transfers, and more.

What sets Alty apart?

User-Friendly Chatbot
Alty’s chatbot streamlines user onboarding, answers questions, provides information on the latest crypto trends and tokens, and facilitates crypto transfers between community members.

A Cross-Chain Wallet
Alty’s secure cross-chain crypto wallet supports multiple chains, enabling users to manage their digital assets across various networks effortlessly.

Easy-to-Use Dashboards
Alty offers separate dashboards for admins and users. Admins can view community activity insights, set up campaigns, and more, while users can track and manage their transactions.

POAP Integration
This feature allows users to create and claim NFT-based badges as proof of attendance in events, groups, bounties, etc.

Multiple Supported Chains
Alty has integrated with Algorand, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and FIO.

Advanced Security
Leveraging blockchain technologies, Alty ensures users’ private data remains encrypted, and cross-chain money transfers are securely facilitated through its wallet.

Alty enables users to perform any action quickly with just a click or message.

Friendly UI
Alty provides a unified user interface for multiple communities.

Promotion Opportunities
Alty’s corporate website features a public directory of all Alty communities that choose to be promoted.


Syndika: Our Role in Alty’s Success

Syndika has successfully transformed the Alty founders’ vision into a thriving startup.

We have been instrumental in the development of the product from its inception, providing comprehensive support at every stage, from architecture design and technical implementation to project management, quality assurance, design, and beyond.

Syndika’s team of highly skilled technical specialists conducted rigorous due diligence for the solution, while our blockchain developers implemented the chatbot, dashboards, and crypto wallet – spanning from architecture design to web and mobile development and support.

Syndika’s QA engineers consistently tested the product from day one, adding value to its quality improvement with each iteration.

Our project managers ensured the smooth and timely implementation of the project, facilitating seamless communication between the Alty and Syndika teams.

Syndika’s team of talented designers has shaped the brand the way it looks today – modern, user-friendly, and intuitive.


The successful collaboration between Syndika and Alty has resulted in an industry game-changer—an innovative solution addressing the challenges faced by crypto community managers and users.

Alty’s pioneering Web3 community chatbot and cross-chain crypto wallet have streamlined the process for community managers to acquire, retain, and manage their communities. Additionally, the solution has enabled users to easily engage with Web3/blockchain communities, access pertinent crypto information, and securely manage their digital assets.

By enhancing user experience, Alty’s solution has not only contributed to the growth of the Web3 ecosystem but also facilitated Web3’s widespread adoption.

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