I recently had the privilege of sharing insights on the European stage at the Global Blockchain Congress.

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I was part of a distinguished panel focusing on “Ways for Startups and Young Companies to Become Investor Ready.”

Preparation and resilience are vital in the dynamic and fast-paced world of crypto.


Here are my critical insights for ambitious founders:

  1. Avoid Get-Rich-Quick Mindsets: Success in this field takes time and patience. Quick riches are a fallacy. Your connections won’t guarantee success. Accepting this reality early sets you up for a genuine pursuit of excellence.
  2. Adhere to Laws and Regulations: Compliance is non-negotiable. Missteps can lead to incarceration. Don’t be misled by those who dismiss the importance of following the law, even in crypto.
  3. Understand the Legalities of DAOs: Forming a DAO won’t shield you from legal responsibilities. Misunderstanding this can have dire consequences.
  4. Seek Trusted Guidance: Surround yourself with mentors whose advice aligns with your long-term goals, not their own.
  5. Choose Committed Co-Founders: Partner with those who comprehend the sheer dedication needed for success. They must be prepared to stand by you through thick and thin.
  6. Embrace the Sacrifices: The path to success demands letting go of regular life pleasures, even holidays and family time. If you’re not ready to commit wholeheartedly, success will remain elusive.
  7. Vet Advisors Thoroughly: Investigate those who offer advice, even big names. Authentic, valuable counsel doesn’t have to come from high-profile sources.
  8. Innovate and Be Persistent: Follow your unique path and persistently pursue your vision. Investors will recognize and reward your creativity.
  9. Bootstrap Earnestly: Genuine bootstrapping involves a total commitment to your startup, forsaking even a salary. Investors need to see this dedication.
  10. Learn from Fundraising Failures: If you don’t succeed at first, make substantial changes. Exercise caution; investors may not always have your best interests in mind.
  11. Work with Committed Investors: Success requires mutual hard work, dedication, and persistence from founders and investors.


To become investor-ready, the road is challenging but rewarding. Your dedication to innovation, adherence to ethics, and resilience in the face of challenges will set you on the path to success.

Check out this video clip from the panel to explore this pathway further.


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